Friday, February 10, 2012

More About Yarn

I've been going through my yarn (I may already have told you this part) and so far I have more than I can stuff in a 30 gallon bin--way more. The measurements on that are 30x20x20.  That's a LOT of yarn.

Some of the yarn was purchased at one of those fancy shops that only carries the very best yarns, some is that same quality but comes from scarves and sweaters I purchased from thrift stores and then tore down and rolled them ever-so neatly.  Some of those sell for $10 per 50 gram ball and I may have several ounces of it.  There's silk, bamboo, sparkly yarn, ladder, and ribbon.  There's a full skein of the yarn they're using to make the ruffly scarves.  Many of them still have the labels on them.  Some of it is just plain polyester yarn I was using to make market bags.

In other words, I have between $700 and $1000 worth of yarn, probably more (yes, really--that much).  I'd like to sell it for $100.  Do you know of anyone who might want to get a amazing price on some amazing yarn?  It will go on Craig's List next week.

I'd love it if someone who loves yarn will be able to get it.  I probably won't let anyone take it for a week or so since I'm unearthing yarn from the most unlikely places.

Oh my, in the time it took me to write this, I may have already found a buyer.  This is really going well.  I may reach my yard sale income goal before I even open the front door to the public.  Wouldn't that be lovely?

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