Monday, February 6, 2012


It occurred to me just this morning that I have 12 days before my first indoor yard sale.  When I was thinking of them up until this morning, I thought about them in more abstract terms. "This is much better than a regular yard sale because I don't have to get everything together in one space--everything goes."

This morning I was struck by a brilliant flash of the obvious.  Yes, everything goes except what I'm taking with me to Ecuador!  Ergo, I must clean out the closet where I will hide my Ecuador stuff, pick out what I'm definitely taking and what I'd like to take if there's room for it.

As of today, there will be no more thinking about what I'm taking, there will be actually doing something about it.  Today's task is to get the middle room and dining room in good enough order that I can empty out my giant closet so there will be a place for all my Ecuador stuff as well as the stuff that is already spoken for. 

For those of you who don't know what my "middle room" is, it could be a very public bedroom, an office, or what I use it for--crafts, sewing, pantry, storage.  In order to get to my bedroom you have to walk through the middle room, thus the name.

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