Monday, February 6, 2012

What Do I Need?

I've probably already addressed this but it's still an issue for me and it runs through my head dozens of times a day.  Last night I was thinking about things like laundry soap, dish soap, cleaning supplies, etc.  I know they take up weight but I also know that I won't have a lot of money to run out and buy new stuff when I get there.  I have super concentrated laundry soap, I only need a small container of dish soap. Of course I'll be taking body wash and shampoo.

My sister pointed out (very sensibly) that I run the risk of spillage.  I've figured that out.  I have a Food Saver.  If I process all those things through there first, then put that into a Zip-Loc bag, there should be problem at all.  I'll also have an extra Space Bag (the very small ones) that I can put it in to triple safeguard it.  I might be overdoing it but I can think of very little more awful than having to clean up the remains of 4 ounces of Dawn from whatever is in the box with it.

I'm starting to get down to the nit picky things like whether or not there's an ironing board or if I need to take my cotton blanket instead of my lovely comforter.  The cotton blanket can be folded to use as a substitute for the ironing board, provided I have a counter top that isn't bothered by heat.

Questions like that keep popping into my head.  I ask the woman I'm subletting from and I infinitely grateful to have her to ask but it still takes energy to think about it.

Now I'm going to go start cleaning out my closet.

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